On 4th September in Kyiv, Ukraine, international project VIKING QUEST was successfully completed.

Let us recall some historical facts.  Long far before Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492, 500 years before his expedition to be exact, Vikings disclosed the New World. They went cross the Atlantics using the northern direction without any fear of harsh weather conditions or any other uncertainties. Vikings being brave adventurers were always ready to face salty Atlantis winds. Here is a question, whether not the same spirit that used to call Vikings this time called and lead the way for EQUITES Team members?! So, off they went  towards new discoveries during VIKING QUEST journey!

EQUITES Team members finalized Atlantic Expeditions Series by somewhat circling the Atlantic ocean around. They already crossed it sailing on a yacht to the South using same direction Columbus did. This time they crossed the Atlantics moving to the North, using same direction Vikings did, moreover EQUTES were flying across it.

EQUITES, who are they?  

Columbus Quest is EQUITES Team Voyage across the Atlantics on a self-made sailing yacht using same ship route Columbus used. It lasted for 40 days. During the trip EQUITES members were not eating, and were able to consume only limited amount of water. By this unexampled voyage EQUITES suggest to show how undiscovered the human body resources are.
Viking Quest is a final part of Atlantic Expeditions Series which means crossing the Atlantics using the same very routs Vikings did.  As all previous voyages and journeys Horse Riders (from Latin "Equites") did, this trip is also unusual. It was performed by flying two small aircrafts Cessna310H and Beechcraft B55.

Viking Quest Team consists of

Two members of professional Ukrainian Extreme Travelers Team - EQUITES-

Goltis, Equites' commander, Constantin Mohilnik, writer and Equites Team member,

Oleg Gavrylyk aircraft pilot and Ukrainian State Flying Academy inspector, Vasyl  Pavlenko, aircraft pilot, Chairman of Sports Airplane Ukrainian Federation,  and two American pilots Daniel Joseph  Carey and John Rivard.

EQUITES Team Expedition went over nine locations of Vikings settlements.

Sept-Îles / Québec - Vínland means The Grapes Land or Pastures. There is a monument in Reykjavík with the inscription on it To Leifr Eiriksson, the Discoverer of Vinland. From the United States of America.

Happy Valley - Goose Bay / Labrador or Markland which means Woods Land. Approximately in year 1000 according to Icelandic sagas Leifr Eiriksson the Happy (he lived from about 970 to about 1020) with the team of 35 people sailed from Iceland to the West on his Drakkar (the sailing boat). They discovered three regions on the American seaside,- Helluland, Markland and Vikland (Wikland). Several temporary settlements were established there.

Iqaluit / Baffin Land. Helluland means The Land of Flat Stones.

Kulusuk / Grønland or the Land of Eric The Red / Eirik Raudes Land/, the Iceland conqueror.


Kangerlussuaq / Grønland or Søndrе Strøm Fjord was founded in the 11th century by Viking Leifr Eiriksson.

Reykjavík / Ísland.  Iceland people are direct Vikings descendants. They along with Farer People speak the relic Scandinavian language. These people are capable of understanding the language of Icelandic Sagas which are written on ancient Icelandic language 1000 years ago. Sometimes earliest Scandinavian language is called the Old Norse Language; this language is the same in Norway, Iceland, Farer and other Vikings' settlements in Iceland, Britain, and Greenland.

Islands Vágar / Føroyar on Farer Islands (Føroyar means Sheep Islands, and also from ancient Icelandic Færeyja) - are the islands populated by Vikings. This was and still is a very important point for expeditions headed to Iceland, Greenland and North America.

Wick / Scotland/, the name itself comes from an ancient Icelandic word vík, which means bay, harbor (compare Reykjavík city in Iceland or Lerwick at the neighboring Shetland Islands). The word Viking itself more likely comes from the word with part vík, and Vikings were those very settlers of bays and gulfs. Word Viking also arises from cognate word vikja meaning swerve or deviate, so, Viking is a person who doesn't fallow and doesn't use common wide roads and ways. You should find this thought rather close to the Equites Team motto Beyond The Matrix.

Århus - one of the earliest cities of  Scandinavia, the Vikings Motherland.

EQUITES Studio with the support of Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Tourism is working under Documentary Film (52 minutes) with Gerard Depardieu about unexampled voyage of EQUITES TEAM members across the Atlantic Ocean with no food on 40-day starvation, and about Viking Quest, the final episode of Atlantic Expeditions Series. The film appeals to mass viewer and intends to show that human body and soul abilities are far broader than commonly accepted.

Terms of International VIKING QUEST Project: 08/23/2009- 09/04/2009.


De Land / Florida → Teterboro / New Jersey → Montréal / Québec → Sept-Îles / Québec → Happy Valley - Goose Bay / Labrador → Schefferville / Québec → Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay) / Baffinland → Kangerlussuaq / Grønland → Kulusuk / Grønland → Reykjavík / Ísland → Vágar / Føroyar → Wick / Scotland→ Århus / Danmark → Warszawa  / Polska → Świdnik / Polska → Rzeszów / Polska→ Lviv / Ukraine → Zhulyany Airport /Ukraine.

Equites Tem members and  all VIKING QUEST Project participants give special thanks for finance support to Mrs. Oksana Kulazhenko.

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