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Telephonic Conversations

Rare calls bring us news from the yacht.

December 17:

Goltis continues to keep dry fasting. Constantin began to drink water.

The Ocean is rather calm, gales quieted down.

All participants are healthy are in good looks.

The crew has not enough rest because of the rocking. Goltis managed to sleep for five hours at a stretch.

Ship's doctor and Constantin are keeping journals that will be sent via email on arrival to the Dominican Republic.

The Team has scheduled the date of return to Kiev - January 20, 2009. So partly the recovering after the fast will be spent in warm countries.


December 23, 20.00 (Kyiv GTM +2), Constantin:

We crossed the fourth GMT time zone. The yacht is approaching the land on the wings of the wind - in the proper sense of the word. 500 miles separate the crew from the arrival to the Virgin Islands. These islands were found by Columbus during his second expedition and were called "The Islands of 11 000 virgins".

The Team hope to celebrate the New Year on the island Anegada that was called by the discoverer "the drowned land."

Then the vessel goes to Samana, the Dominican Republic. There guys hope to complete the strict 40-day fast and celebrate the Christmas!

Today (December 23) is the 26th day of the fast. All three participants feel tired and extremely weak.

Therefore the Ship's doctor is more and more interested in the idea of fasting, particularly in the spiritual aspect of the fast. Adriaan is going to have a 3-day dry fast upon arrival to the firm land.


December 25, 13.00 (Kyiv GTM +2), Constantin:

The Team feels reasonably good, but everybody suffers from rocking. Permanent rocking makes the conditions of the voyage much harder. It is impossible to sleep. This overloads the fasting organism. "It is the same as trying to fall asleep during the earthquake", says one of the participants. It is storming all the time, 5-6 balls, not lower than 3-4 balls. It's a small storm, of course, but it deprives the Team of the possibility to have a rest.

Goltis is going to start a dry fast again for a couple of days.

326 miles remain to arrive to the island of Anegada. The Garuda's speed is 6-7 knots.


December 30:

We are on the island of Saint Martin now. It's + 34ºC. We still cannot unmoor.

It is not clear yet where we will celebrate New Year. If the weather allows, we will land one of the British or American Virgin Islands.

Snowy New Year to all our friends and readers!
From EQUITES with love.


January 10:

Thanks God, the Team is doing well.

As it was promised, we completed the Christmas Fast.

The Columbus Quest expedition is accomplished.

The EQUITES Team has started the HaitiQuest – we have made the Dominican part of the island from the Samaná Bay in the northeast of the Dominican Republic to the northernmost tip of the island, a town of Monte Cristi.

The Team is going to travel through the island of Hispaniola (Haiti) counterclockwise.


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