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24.08.2009 -4 .09.2009 (roughly)

Cessna 310H, Beechcraft B-55

Flight route:
De Land / Florida → Teterboro / New Jersey → Montréal / Québec → Sept-Îles / Québec → Happy Valley - Goose Bay / Labrador → Schefferville / Québec → Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay) / Baffinland → Kangerlussuaq / Grønland → Kulusuk / Grønland → Reykjavík / Ísland → Vágar / Føroyar → Wick / Scotland→ Århus / Danmark → Warszawa / Polska → Świdnik / Polska → Rzeszów / Polska→ Львов / Украина → Жуляны / Украина

Members of the expedition:

* VASILIY PAVLENKO - pilot, Chairman of the Federation of Aeronautical Sports of Ukraine
* GOLTIS - photographer, cameraman, commander of the EQUITES team
* CONSTANTIN MOHILNIK - writer, founder
of the EQUITES team
* OLEG HAVRYLYUK (UA) - check pilot of the State Flight Academy of Ukraine
* DAN CAREY (GB) - pilot
* JOHN RIVARD (USA) - pilot

Equites Tem members and  all VIKING QUEST Project participants give special thanks for finance support to Mrs. Oksana Kulazhenko.

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March 25, 2009. The BABAI cafe (Sofiyska str., 4): the EQUITES presented the new Columbus Quest trailer and shared impressions of the voyage across the Ocean.


March 17, 2009. Press-conference at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.


March 12, 2009. Goltis and Constantin Mohilnik participated in the Space Science Conference (Mykolaiv, Ukraine) with reports on "Liquidation of consequences of long period hypodynamia and ways of its prevention", "Nutrition during a long duration space mission".


On January 20, 2009 the EQUITES Team came back to Kiev. Their families, friends and the media were waiting for them at the airport:

We would like to start from the very beginning: THE FIRST MILES OF THE COLUMBUS QUEST VOYAGE...

As it was scheduled the "Garuda" left Palos de la Frontera on November 28, 2008. It took almost a week to reach the Canary Islands. There the Team made the last stop before the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

<< PHOTOS of famous replicas of Columbus' caravelles - «Santa María», «Pinta», «Niña» in La Rabida >>

Constantin Mohilnik, the EQUITES Team participant:

"We sailed off from the port of Mazagόn, Andalusia at 18:20 (GMT-0) on November 28, 2008. The Ocean met us with a storm which kept up three days. During the first two days the capacity of wind came to 8-9 balls and even 10 balls, this was proved by protector of wind-powered generator which activates at 10 balls. For many of us it was impossible to sleep. On the second day we felt DOMS of the psoas. Our muscles were permanently fighting with the rocking so that the body could never relax. The rocking concurred with the beginning of the dry fasting, with its hardest days. It was impossible to put up the sails and during two days the speed on diesel to the wind was varying from 1,5 to 3 knots that was four times lower than it was planned. After two days we were still in the gulf of Cádiz. On the fourth day the storm slacked but the rocking kept up to the Canary archipelago. However, both doctor and director of photography regained capacity to work".

On December 4 the vessel reached the shore of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There Columbus made a stop before his first sail to the undiscovered America. In Las Palmas the Team should submit to a blood test. Afterwards Andriy and Constantin started to drink water and Goltis decided to keep fasting some more days.

On the night of December 7 the crew sailed off; the Ocean was waiting for them.

Early in January 2009, on Christmas Eve (January, 6, Gregorian calendar) the EQUITES will plant their feet on dry and will tell us about all the twists and turns of the voyage.

The voyage as a whole is dedicated to the Christmas fast.

Our fascinating ship's doctor from Canada is keeping a journal so that we could be closer to the voyagers' life onboard.

Photo Gallery

Photos made by our team before and during the voyage

Medical report

Medical report (PDF) by Dr. Adriaan van der Wart.

Medical Data

Telephonic Conversations

Rare calls bring us news from the yacht.

The Hungry’s Birthday

On December 3 (the 6th day of the dry fast) the crew of the "Garuda" was celebrating Constantin Mohilnik's 45th birthday.


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