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The team carries out the quest to refute the opinion of official science and show new limits of the human body and soul just like Columbus showed the new frontiers of the known world

Equites Team

Crossing the Atlantic without food and water

Contemporary medical science asserts: after 3 days without water, irreversible physiological processes start in the human body. In another couple of days death is inevitable.

During the expedition the team will go on fasting without food and water. EQUITES TEAM believes that proper mindset and spiritual training are the key to survival.

A prominent physician who will escort the EQUITES TEAM together with the camera crew on a second boat calls the project “Chronicle of the Declared Suicide”.


Narrated by Gerard Depardieu

500 years ago Columbus and his men were trapped for three weeks in the calm Sargasso Sea without any hope for salvation. But they survived. It still seems to be a miracle that they managed to stay alive without sufficient quantity of water on board.

Gerard Depardieu is Columbus in the film “1492: Conquest of Paradise”, one of the most impressive screen versions of the Columbus’ adventure. So he is exactly the right man to tell the story of the EQUITES TEAM crossing the limits.

The struggle of Columbus and his men to survive will be re-enacted.


Eye-Capturing Entertainment

  • Adventure: a series will feature the voyage across the ocean
  • Star: Gerard Depardieu as presenter
  • Mystery: facts and theories about Columbus voyages, his personality and the consequences of his discovery

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