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Ship's doctor

The diary of the ship's doctor Adriaan van der Wart.


This is my journey with my Grandfather, whom I have never met. He died before I was born, but he was a sailor and the winds blew him to the land of Africa. He only left Durban harbor again on the night he died. I have lost things and I have gained things, I have left things behind and brought the minimum with me in my "chest" on board the Garuda. On this journey I am stripped bare - This is it. If I cannot find it during these 40 days at sea - I may well be lost forever. It? I don't know what it is. I am on a quest for survival. Personal survival, mental survival, physical survival? All of the above.

I have joined a small group of men who are pushing the boundaries of physical survival. I came to join them as a doctor. They are planning to cross the Atlantic without food and without water for the first week. To see if I can explain the reason why they would / or would not survive beyond the physical boundaries placed upon them by science. I soon started to gain interests in more than their daily blood pressures and glucose levels. It was not making sense. They have survived much longer than I was taught it possible in physiology class. They were fasting and I was just the observer on board for their religious tradition. My medicine not required for the pain they wanted to go through. I became intrigued by what lies behind their mental survival capabilities. What are they holding on to that makes death not even cross their minds. Why are they pushing their bodies limits at an extreme risk to themselves?

...And soon I embarked on my own quest. I am a but an aspiring adventurer searching for the foundation of my trade. How do we survive beyond the boundaries? - How do we spend a set amount of time without the essence of our existence. Wether it may be food, water, god or love. I prepared my Will before I set sail on this voyage. It was long overdue. I wanted to include a note which should be read at my funeral. I hope that this will do. This is my 40 days under the Canvas Pyramid.

Adriaan van der Wart
Ship's doctor
December 2008

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